We've put together an easy list of little DIY hacks, to help you host a luxurious Christmas themed party, with minimum effort and maximum impact !!! From 5 minute table decorations, to easy cocktails and snacks, we've got tried and tested tricks that individually, need no more than 15 minutes of your time.

Quick Christmas cocktails to get the party started...

We've measured and mixed, and shaken and stirred, Muddled and blitzed, till the neighbourhood's heard. So here are 3 easy drinks, coming your way, to help break the ice at your partay!

Speaking of cocktails, you know what they say..... Never mix your drinks !

Great parties happen over exchanges of conversation, not exchanges of drinks! Avoid this common party hazard with our beautiful bauble wine charms. They're clearly the easiest trick in the book and take only a few minutes to put together.

Sparkling Baubly Wine Charms

These easily crafted trinkets add a fun Christmas flavour to an essential party favour. The materials used for these are easily available at craft or dollar stores. They're a quick & inexpensive, yet thoughtful touch to add to the holiday spirit. PREP TIME : 2-3 Minutes


Pull a festive Christmas cracker!

Hors d'oeuvres are a must have at a party and these holiday themed canapés offer the right balance of savour, to the sweet cocktails you'll be serving.

An experiment in contrasts that are anything but ! Our light, and easy to assemble canapés tick all the boxes in the palette. From soft and crunchy to sweet and savoury, this easy starter is a complete burst of flavours and textures. PREP TIME : 15 Minutes

Berry Christmas! Canapés


Say it with flowers...

Is there anything more welcoming than a bunch of beautiful, bright flowers ? From pretty arrangements in ornate vases, to floating floral center pieces, they're a great way to make your home feel happy and festive. This Christmas, we've taken flowers a step further and used them as pretty corsages on napkin rings.

Corsage Napkin Rings

Free, precious dining space that is taken up by large floral arrangements, for all the sumptuous dishes you'll be serving that evening. Try out these pretty corsage napkin rings that lend a good dose of cheer to a beautiful table scape. Although they're perfect for a Christmas, they can be used round the year along with various other thematic table displays. PREP TIME : 10 Minutes


Two little pine cones, with a dusting of snow, Bright red berries, and mistletoe......

A sweet end to a beautiful evening, this sumptuous, drool worthy cake is just the dessert to immerse your guests fully, in the winter wonderland experience.

Winter Wonderland Cake

Take a break from a heavy Yule Log cake this year and try this, easy as pie winter themed cake. Made effortlessly with just 5 ingredients, your guests will be amazed at how real the snow dusted pine cones look. It promises to be a fabulous end to the festive dinner. A must try recipe! PREP TIME : 15 Minutes


Have you ordered your Christmas gifts yet ?

If you're feeling all over the place lately, or have had no time to draw up a gift list, you're at the right place at the right time. Take a look....

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