is a women’s luxury fashion handbag and accessory label that seeks to do away with the transience of seasons and trends through its offering of refreshingly original designs that promise to be both, versatile and evergreen. Founded by Kanchan Gaitondé, the brand was conceived out of her deep reverence for all that is ageless and eternal. Kanchan was born and raised in India and has lived in Hong Kong and, now, Singapore for the last thirteen years. Along the way, she's amassed a home full of beautiful possessions, a treasure trove of rich experiences, a hoard of happy memories and a mind brimming with ideas. Having been inspired by her keen interest in history, culture and crafts, love of festivals and celebrations, fondness for DIY and her passion for home decor, interiors and lifestyle, she translates all of these and more into distinctive, one of a kind pieces that will far outlive the fleeting life spans of ever changing fashions and styles. The brand name KANYEKA, which is a portmanteau of Kanchan’s complete maiden name, means ‘young woman’ in Sanskrit and embodies all that is graceful and feminine.

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