What we stand for... 

Even when no one is watching.


Our set of values are coded into our brand DNA. Since inception. They are what we hold dear and will neither part with, nor trade with, for gain or fame. At KANYEKA, we respect the natural world in all its forms. We appreciate it. We celebrate it. We're inspired by it.

Here's what we stand for.....


No handbag is worth taking a life for.

-The genuine leathers we use in our handbags and accessories are by-products of the food industry.

-We do not use snake, ostrich & crocodile leathers or skins from any other exotic animals, whether endangered or otherwise.

-We also do not use real fur from any animal.

-For the same reasons, we also do not use any natural ivory or animal horn or bone.

Close up view of the CHARMAINE gold shoulder bag with hanging pearl charms.


We support the small guy.

-In our supply chain, we mostly work with small family owned factories and businesses whose values align with ours. 

-We pay our craftsmen & artisans, the fair wages that they expect and do not beat them down on price.

-We never delay or hold back payments, ensuring that they are compensated promptly, and that their home fires continue burning.

-We consciously choose to work with the more marginalised artisans, such as young mothers, who are unable to work full time, and so are less likely to find employment.

Close up view of lady wearing the VINI ear cuff with peach freshwater rice pearls.


Quality over quantity

-We choose quality over quantity by creating absolutely unique products that you'd want to invest in, rather than making multiple versions of everything that is already out there. We reject use and throw fashion and will never be party to it.

-We focus on just a few collections, each produced in limited quantities that match the demand, rather than carrying out mindless over production that may eventually end up in landfills.

-We make conscious efforts to eliminate (where possible), the use of single-use plastics in our packaging, as well as in our supply chains.

Lady wearing the CORA rosé crystal heart shaped  hair barrette with a halfup-half down hair do.

We're committed to creating consciously.

We care about the environment & are very conscious of the impact we can make on it. Which is why, we are committed to creating sustainably, & operating responsibly.

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