Quick & easy tips to care for your accessories

The care of each of our products depends on the type of product and the materials used.

Close up view of the VINI hair wreath with white freshwater pearls, worn in a half up-half down hair-do.



Our jewellery is made primarily from brass with a few elements in stainless steel. Each piece gets a solid plating of pure gold in varying karatage. Moreover, every piece is lacquered to help preserve the finish and lustre off the plating and to prevent it from tarnishing. 


In order to prevent this plating and lacquer from wearing off, please do not shower while wearing the jewellery. Please also do not wear it while swimming, both in pools, the sea & all other water bodies.


Please do not spray perfume directly onto the jewellery, or near where it is worn, as this could corrode and tarnish the metallic plating or discolour the natural lustre of both fresh and saltwater pearls. Please keep the jewellery away from chemicals like oils, soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, thinners, solvents etc. Exposure to all of these could tarnish the jewellery quickly, or gradually over time.


Crystals and beads made from both semi-precious stones and glass are fragile and should  not be dropped, as they could chip or develop fractures within. Jewellery containing any of these crystal or stone beads, especially the ones that are faceted, should be handled and placed gently so as to avoid surface scratches that would dull the transparency and shimmer.


Our signature wire jewellery is delicate and requires appropriate handling. Each piece is made of finely twisted brass wire. Although the wire has been bent carefully & twisted, bending it sharply at a particular point, in many different directions can cause it to break. We advise you to bend and shape the jewellery to your neck or ear shape the first time you wear the piece. Once done, please wear and store it in this same retained shape. Store it in its velvet pouch, affixed to the card provided. This will prevent it from breakage caused by snags and tangles.

Please read carefully, the relevant WEAR & CARE instructions on the respective product pages.


To clean or polish the jewellery, rub it gently with the soft jewellery polishing cloth provided.


After each use, please air dry the pieces completely, before storing them in their soft velvet pouches.

Close up view of CHARMAINE gold leather shoulder bag with  hanging pearl charms, worn on the shoulder.



Please avoid wetting handbags made from leather and fabric. In the event that they do get wet, please let them air dry completely before storing. 


All our handbags should be kept away from chemicals such as oils, soaps, detergents, shampoos, perfumes, creams, lotions, cosmetics or solvents, as these may corrode the base materials or fade the colours, prints & embellishments either immediately on contact or gradually over time.


Please follow the same instructions for all the metal hardware and other individual components of the handbags, such as studs, rivets, buckles, zipper tabs, buttons, chains, hooks etc.


In case they become dirty, please use a soft dry cloth to clean the handbags.

PVC handbags are easy to clean. They can be washed with water inside and out, and air-dried after. Unless specified in the product description, if needed, you can rub them very gently with the palm of your hand, with mild soapy water. Please avoid scrubbing or scouring them with your nails, brushes, scrubs or any other abrasive materials. Doing so could fade or scratch out the print & embellishments.

While washing out the PVC bags, please avoid wetting the metal hardware on the bag to prevent tarnishing.


When not in use, we advise you to not only store them in their dustbags, in a cool dry place, away from sunlight and moisture, but also to stuff them with stuffing paper or any other soft, voluminous material so as to retain their shape and structure and avoid creasing. 

Close up view of CORA champagne crystal, heart shaped hair barrette worn with a braided half up-half down hair do.



While wiping them clean, please avoid wetting the metal clips, barrettes or hair bands as these could tarnish from constant and repeated contact with water.

Please do not wear the hair accessories while in the shower or when swimming.


Please keep the accessories away from chemicals like soaps, shampoos, oils, solvents, thinners, creams, lotions etc. These could corrode the plating and lacquer on the metal parts of the accessories, causing them to tarnish.


If the accessories do get dirty, unless otherwise stated in the product description, please clean them gently with the soft, cleaning cloth, slightly damp, before letting them air dry. Please do not use any detergents or soap. 


Hair accessories do not need much care. However, please do let them air dry completely after each use, before storing them in their velvet pouches.


Please use these velvet pouches to pack the accessories while travelling. The pouches protect the delicate embroidered or embellished parts from snagging on other items.

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