It's simple really...

We only make things you'll want to keep forever.



Statement or nothing

We’ve never been interested in churning out copious iterations of wardrobe basics that are all, already out there. Neither do we want to blindly follow, ongoing trends. We’d rather add value to your wardrobe, by offering you something different. Something distinguishable! So, we only make, bold, statement designs, that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

Side view of lady wearing the VINI hoop earrings with white freshwater pearls.


More with less

How good, is good design, if it sits in your closet unused ? The answer to this, is what keeps us constantly motivated to create only things that are versatile. We enjoy the challenge of creating pieces that transcend time & seasons. We want you to be able to wear our designs round the year & through the day. So, from beach to bar & surf to snow, our pieces seamlessly transition into any look you desire, making them ideal for a global lifestyle full of travel & living.

CHARMAINE red leather clutch bag with tonal pearl charms, worn with a black dress.


Nothing but the best

Ever caressed yards of plush, rich velvet, or delightfully thumbed through strings of lustrous natural pearls, or even just soaked in the crisp tanned scent of, buttery soft leather? Enjoying the taste of true luxury, even if momentary, is an experience like no other! We believe in living these experiences every day. So, we only use the finest of materials in the making of our products. From rich leathers & plush velvets, to natural pearls & semi-precious stones, all the way to our pure gold plating, we never compromise on quality.

Angled, close up view of the VINI necklace with peach freshwater rice pearls.


The beauty of handmade

 We believe that true luxury is created with heart & infused with soul.

While technology & mechanization has certainly aided the design process, there is undeniably, a certain raw, organic beauty to all things handmade. Craft has always been at the heart of all that we do. From our signature fine wire twists, to the delicate embroideries & meticulous assemblage, up to 90% of our production processes are done by hand. Besides adding individual character & personality to the pieces, handcrafting them through artisans, not only supports numerous families of craftsmen involved in the trade, but also helps keeps alive, age-old crafting techniques & skills, that have been passed down through the generations. 

Through our pieces, we do our part, to help keep these beautiful arts & crafts from dying.

Close up view of the CHARMAINE blue leather clutch bag with pearl charms, worn with a solid black dress.


Considered quantities - Conscious processes

We are extremely mindful of just how much we produce. Just as we don’t create & sample designs that aren’t unusual, we don’t mass produce them, no matter how exceptional. We keep careful checks on the quantity and the frequency in which we manufacture. From producing made-to-order for certain items, to making limited batches for others, we tailor production to the demand. This way, we use our own precious resources, and as importantly, the earth’s too! more judiciously, thus ensuring minimal wastage.

Close up front view of the VINI ear cuff with peach freshwater rice pearls, worn together with the VINI bracelet with  white freshwater rice pearls.


Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

While we are deeply passionate about crafting luxury products & memorable shopping experiences, we are aware that every layer of packaging we add in, exacts a price on the environment. While we cannot completely eliminate necessary packaging, we have certainly taken steps to reduce, reuse & recycle it. Without compromising on the security of our products, we have consciously reduced unnecessary layers of packaging material. Moreover, unless it is absolutely necessary (for hygiene or safety reasons), we have eliminated, single-use plastic. Additionally, we have redesigned our packaging to enable repurposing for alternative uses in daily life. And finally, where reuse is not possible or practical, we have chosen to use recyclable materials.

Our commitment to being responsible goes beyond what you, our customer can see. So equally importantly, we have followed these very  practices in our supply chains & our business operations as well. 

Close up, angled view of the CHARMAINE green leather clutch bag with tonal pearls.

Sustainability is a never-ending journey...

We believe in constantly challenging ourselves to achieve higher levels of responsibility towards people & the planet.

And we also hope to keep sharing the milestones on this journey with you.


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