Model wearing BOBBIE small bauble ear hoops
Front view of BOBBIE small bauble ear hoops
Side view of BOBBIE small bauble ear hoops
Lifestyle shot of BOBBIE small bauble ear hoops

BOBBIE bauble ear hoops- SMALL

US$ 22.61

You can wear your memories now! With their glossy iridescent, appearance and light floaty charm, they're reminiscent of life's many happy little things.... Soap bubbles, Christmas baubles or even watching water drops dripping down the window pane on a wet, chilly day. Make what you will of them, for you'll certainly be getting second looks and more with these floaty little bauble hoops. Crafted in thin blown glass, suspended on a thin gold tone hoop, and partially filled with liquid that gently swirls and swishes inside, these earrings have been know to start conversations ! Surprisingly lightweight and easily worn, they're the perfect piece to put on when you're clueless about what to wear, or feeling a bit nostalgic! Details -Thin glass orbs, half filled with liquid -Gold tone hoop findings -Total hanging height: approx 4.5cm -Made in India -Fragile-Handle with care.

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