Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine earrings as ear cuffs
Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine ear cuffs as a feather
Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine ear cuffs as hoops
Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine ear cuffs as hair barette

VINI modular pearl vine ear cuffs

US$ 31.65

One pair of earrings.... Four head turning looks !! Make a splashing statement with this versatile pair of earrings. Inspired by hanging Wisteria flower vines, these feather light pieces are completely handcrafted by Indian artisans, from pure brass and glass pearls. Each piece is made by painstakingly twisting malleable brass wire tightly, while incorporating rice pearls into the twists, to give the impression of a stalk. The earrings are completely modular and can be bent, twisted or straightened to suit the size and shape of any ear. Two rounded hooks discreetly incorporated into the design, help ease wearing and removal. As with everything we create, this pair can be worn with a host of looks, from bright floral maxi dresses to neutral blazers on pants. PRO-TIP- We love how our customers wear them asymmetrically, either as a single ear cuff on any one side or as a pair of mismatched looks. HOW TO WEAR- The stalk of the ear cuff has two hooks woven into the design. One at the top and one near the second node joint at the bottom. Wearing these earrings is incredibly simple. We recommend tying your hair before you wear them. LOOK 1- Ear Cuff -To wear as an ear cuff, first simple bend the vine to the shape of each ear. -First insert the lower hook into your ear hole and then move the bent vine into place along the edge of your ear. -Hoop the top hook over your ear at a comfortable position. -Press both the top and lower hooks gently towards the ear to secure into place. *LOOK 2- Dangling feather -To wear the ear cuff as a feather instead, just press the lower hook against the centre stalk to hide it from view and hook the top hook into your ear hole. -Looks good as a curved or straight feather. *LOOK 3- Wreath Hoop -To wear as a wreath like hoop, simple bend the vine to a circular shape and thread the top hoop into the lower one and press gently, to look the hoop into place. -Now hook the top hook into ear hole and press gently to secure. *LOOK 4- Hair Vine -If you'd rather keep your ears bare, you can wear these earrings as a hair barette instead. Just pin your hair using bobby pins to secure the look and then hook the top and bottom hook into a lock. Fasten book hooks with additional pins, if required. This style looks especially nice when worn on one side, channeling the free spirited vibe from the 70s. Details- -Pure brass, Glass pearls -Made for pierced ears -Size varies ( If you have very small or large ears, please let us know when ordering or by email. We will try to send you a pair that would fit you the best) -Handmade in India -Each piece is made completely by hand so there may be negligible differences in the twist placement in each piece, even within the same pair. They are not noticeable and do not mar the beauty or function of the earrings in any way.

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