Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine necklace around the neck
Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine necklace as a headband
Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine necklace as a hair wreath
Model wearing VINI modular pearl vine necklace as a cuff bracelet

VINI modular pearl vine necklace

US$ 48.98

One necklace... worn four ways !! Make a splashing statement with this versatile necklace. Inspired by hanging Wisteria flower vines, this feather light piece is completely handcrafted by Indian artisans, from pure brass and glass pearls. Each piece is made by painstakingly twisting malleable brass wire tightly, while incorporating rice pearls into the twists, to give the impression of a stalk. This necklace is completely modular and can be bent, twisted or straightened to suit the wearer's neck and shoulders. As with everything we create, this necklace can be worn with a host of looks, from bright floral maxis to dark strapless sheaths. HOW TO WEAR- The stalk of the necklace has two ends. One with intertwined pearls and the other that ends in a plain twisted wire with a single pearl. Wearing these earrings is incredibly simple. LOOK 1- Necklace -To wear, simply wrap the vine around the neck and twist the plain end of the necklace around the embellished end and gently press to secure. We recommend tying your hair before you wear them. *LOOK 2- Headband -To wear as a headband, simply arrange it in position on the head, tuck the ends into lock behind the ear and secure with bobby pins. *LOOK 3- Hair Wreath -The best look for weddings, this necklace can be worn as a hair wreath and looks best with curled or styled hair. To wear, simple arrange the necklace at the back of the head and secure discreetly with bobby pins near the ears. *LOOK 4- Cuff bracelet -To wear this as a bracelet, simple wrap the vine around your wrist a few times, till it fits just right and then twist the two ends together, as you would for the necklace. Details- -Pure brass, Glass pearls -One size fits all , 46cm necklace + additional 5 cm to adjust length -Handmade in India -Each piece is made completely by hand so there may be negligible differences in the twist placement in each piece.

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